What You Need to Know About Your Mazda Service Schedule

July 27th, 2022 by

Mazda Service Schedule

It is crucial to keep your car performing at its best with routine maintenance visits to a factory-trained Mazda dealership. Mazda technicians will keep a close eye on all of your car’s systems. This team of experts will provide exceptional services that you can count on for maintenance that will extend the life of your vehicle and ensure years of enjoyable driving.

In this blog, we’ll get into a few reasons why you need to proritize maintenance on your Mazda and everything you need to know about your Mazda service schedule. 


1. Routine Maintenance Is Crucial

Even if your car seems to be running just fine, regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your car in top shape. Some of the most important things to get checked during a routine service include:

  • Oil change
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Inspecting the brakes and coolant levels
  • Follow-up on recalls

A thorough inspection by trained technicians will ensure that your car is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. Of course, depending on your vehicle, there will be other important things to check.

2. Special or Severe Driving Conditions

If you drive in harsh environments or do a lot of heavy-duty driving, you may need to get your vehicle checked more frequently. The team of expert technicians at your Mazda dealership will work with you to ensure that your vehicle is ready to handle whatever you put it through.

3. The Engine and Transmission

Make sure you get your engine and transmission checked and regularly serviced to keep them functioning at their peak performance. Improperly maintained engines and transmissions can lead to a variety of problems, including acceleration issues, jerking, and even engine fires.

4 .Maintenance Intervals

Depending on your driving conditions and the model you have, your Mazda should be serviced according to the Maintenance Intervals Schedule. This chart helps to determine the service intervals for the maintenance and replacement of your vehicle’s fluids and parts.

5. Service Recommendations

If your Mazda service check reveals a potential problem, your technician will make a list of service recommendations, including the urgency of the need for a repair. This will help you keep your vehicle in top shape and ensure your safety while driving – including avoiding untimely breakdowns and costly towing charges.

6. Routine Washes and Check-Ups

Don’t forget to schedule your routine factory-recommended washes, polishings, and check-ups. Keeping your car clean and polished will help to protect the paint and keep the interior in great condition. Keep the outside looking great, and you will have more pride in your car, which will make you want to take better care of it!

7. Preventing Accidents

Keeping your car well-maintained will help to ensure you and your passengers are safe in a variety of ways, from helping your brakes to wear more evenly to keeping all parts working exactly as they should.



Regular maintenance of your car is a must to keep your car running smoothly. The warning lights and check engine light will let you know when something is wrong. At that point, you should get it checked out immediately. Don’t ignore the warning signs, as it can lead to serious damage, which will not only cost you money but also put you, your family, and your passengers at risk. And don’t forget that regular maintenance can help you avoid getting to the point where your vehicle requires expensive repairs by taking care of small details before they become big problems.

Should you be in need of Mazda service or parts, head over to North Shore Mazda. Our expert service technicians will be happy to serve you and get your vehicle in tip top shape!