Read This Before Buying a Used Mazda Car like the CX-5!

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The Mazda CX-5 is an excellent SUV choice for anyone looking for a vehicle that looks great and drives even better. With its sharp steering, eager driving dynamics, and confidence-inspiring controls, the Mazda CX-5 is sure to please even the most discerning driver. But what sets this Mazda car apart from other SUVs is its combination of luxury features and affordability, even if you’re buying this second-hand! Here’s what you must know before buying a pre-loved CX-5.


The Interiors Are Still Elegant

Reviewers like Car and Driver have said that the cabin is excellent because it has great visibility and an excellent driving position. Mazda did a great job because the designers ensured a big space between the brake and dead pedals, which is awesome for tall drivers. This means that the driver can change the settings on the center display without taking their eyes off the road.

This Mazda car’s driver seat can be moved up and down, and the front of the seat can be raised very high. This is to help drivers on long trips. The steering wheel can be moved up and down and closer to or further away from the driver.

But the feature that stands out most to potential owners about the CX-5 is how expensive everything in the cabin looks. The leather upholstery and switchgear look elegant and high-end. The only downside is the soft side bolsters that run along the center console. But other than that, everything in the interior looks great.


Superior Handling

The CX-5 has been praised for its excellent handling. The car is very smooth on winding roads; many SUVs can’t match this. At the same time, the steering is a bit heavier than other vehicles, including other Mazda cars, but it’s still easy to turn. You can easily maneuver parking lots and know where the wheels point, even at higher speeds! The braking is also smooth, thanks to the moderate pedal firmness and predictable braking effort.


Easy to Drive

This is possible thanks to the CX-5’s standard automatic transmission. This means it will automatically change gears based on how fast the car goes and how much power is used. Under mild acceleration, the gearbox doesn’t instantly shift into the highest gear, which improves daily maneuverability. The transmission will wait until the driver gives it a signal before downshifting. In Sport mode, the transmission will hold onto gears until the driver completely lets off the throttle.


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