Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a car online?

North Shore Mazda has a “create my deal” tool on the website, allowing you to shop from home, create your finance or lease payment, value your trade and so much more.  Our Product Consultants are here to virtually walk you through the entire process to save you time when you come in to pick up the vehicle.

What is ‘fair market value’?

Fair market value describes pricing vehicles with consideration of multiple information sources that compares like make and model vehicles such as: ADESA, AutoCheck, Autotrader, Black Book, CARFAX,, Consumer Reports, Galves, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim,and NADA Used Car guide. Not only are make and model taken into account, but also, miles on the odometer, year, color, trim level, specific equipment, vehicle history, and condition. Fair Market Value Pricing lends real life and real time relevance to the biggest impact factors on the pricing of the used car market: supply and demand.

What’s my trade worth?

At one time, appraising vehicles was much less scientific. Today, much more science and research is used to assess the value of a car for trade. We use technology tools to show the fair market value of a specific car, down to the VIN number, and other factors are considered such as miles on the odometer, year, color, trim level, specific equipment, vehicle history, and condition. This research is very similar, if not identical, to fair market value pricing for our used car inventory.

What if I don’t see the vehicle I really want, but I like your story and want to buy it where I am comfortable?

Obtaining a new, whether you are leasing, financing or paying cash, is one of the biggest decisions you make as an adult. You should feel entirely comfortable, trusting, and trusting of wherever it is you make that decision. If you know the precise or even approximate vehicle that you want and/or have been pining for in our inventory, just let us know! Sometimes we have incoming inventory that isn’t entered into our systems yet, or we can locate your dream car for you. We would just be honored to get the opportunity to earn your business.

Can I just look?

ABSOLUTELY! Looking is where it all begins. With that said, we have some off-site lot locations where some inventory is stored until they go home with their new owners. If a Product Consultant is looking like they are going to greet you, just tell them a little about what you are looking for and they would be happy to point you in the right direction.

New or Used?

It entirely depends on what is most important to you in your (new/used/next) vehicle. Sometimes, depending on the current market pricing, a new car, and all the benefits of a new car (i.e new car warranty, state of the art technology, up to date and newest in safety features and technology) would be better for your needs. Depending on those very important, and unique needs for you/or your family, with the rebate and finance incentives from the manufacturer, a new car, truck, or SUV is a better fit. Although, you and your Product Consultant can look at the pro’s and con’s both new and used, and empower an educated decision.

Buy or Lease?

Whether you buy or lease your new car, truck, or suv depends on what makes the most sense for you and/or your loved one’s’ unique situation. Both options are just different methods of financing. With leasing, you are essentially paying for the portion of the vehicle you use for the defined term of your lease. Leasing is determined by “Residual Value”. Residual value is the cost value that you purchase your vehicle at the end of the contracted term, if you were to decide to buy out your car. The residual value directly impacts your lease payment.

Leasing is great if you want a lower monthly payment without putting a large down payment. Also, it gives you the power of choice. At the end of the two, or three year term (varies based on manufacturer and incentives) you have the ability to take a step back and take a good look at your current life circumstances. So many things can happen in those two or three years! Your three choices are: a) drop it off, b) get into the newer model (with a new warranty!) or c) if you want to keep that vehicle and you love it and have become attached to it, finance the remaining balance! Your payments are very likely going to be about the same anyways!

The key is structuring the deal so that it best fits your needs and wants.

By the way, don’t be dissuaded because of the number of miles you drive. Leasing is not only for those who drive 10,000 miles a year. Discuss your driving habits etc. with your Product Consultant to make sure you feel all of your needs are met.

How much commission do the product consultants make?

Our Product Consultants are not commission based, but earn a salary and a $195 fee. They work hard for it. They are not incentivized by getting you to squeeze more out of your bank account, but actually by making sure you are confident with them, the dealership, and your new or pre-owned vehicle.

What’s my rate?

Finance Rate is the percent rate that you pay to borrow the loan. Many times, for new cars, the manufacturers offer amazingly attractive low rates …even down to 0%. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are certified by the manufacturer also offer subvented or specialized incentivized finance rates such as 1.9 in some cases. But whether you are financing a New, Certified Pre-Owned, or pre-owned car, the rate is determined by the banks or financial institutions. The banks weigh a couple factors, but the first is credit score.

If you are worried about your credit score and getting financed, stop worrying. We partnered up with a number of banks and financial institutions that we work with daily to make sure we can do our best for you, regardless of your current situation. We are here to help.

How much do I have to put down?

Although there are exceptions, really there is not a mandated amount of money to put down in order to obtain your new or pre-owned vehicle. Putting money down, especially when financing, lessens the monthly payment and puts you in a better equity situation, but that is entirely up to you. However, there are situations where money down is either extremely beneficial. Moreover, some banks require money down depending on the vehicle chosen and credit score, among other factors.

What are the available manufacturer incentives?

The incentives change, usually, but not always on a monthly basis.

Can I see the Carfax?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Of Course! Also, for the majority of our used vehicle inventory, we also have vehicle reconditioning records on hand, which is the services that our certified technicians performed when we received the vehicle in order to best prepare it for you.

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