5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Mazda SUV

April 28th, 2022 by

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For most people, a car is the second-biggest investment they’ll make in a lifetime, only next to a house. After all, a car is a magnificent machine because it can get you anywhere! For this reason, people don’t just buy the first car they see – the brand name also matters. Some automotive brands have been around for at least a hundred years, such as Mazda, which builds a lot of trust in consumers.

Established in 1920, Mazda is a Japanese car company that has produced many fantastic cars. It has been a medium to high-end car brand that has even competed with luxury car brands, which is impressive. Mazda SUVs are particularly famous among the products the brand has released over the years because of their quality, affordability, and luxury.

If you’re thinking of getting a new Mazda SUV, here are some considerations you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Performance

As with any other car, performance is one of the first things you should look at. It’s pointless to consider a car if it just can’t take you where you need to go. The performance of a Mazda SUV is superb, thanks to its trustworthy engine that’s worth mentioning all on its own.

The standout Mazda SUV models are the CX-5, CX-9, and CX-3. These models have either a 2.5L four-cylinder engine, a 2.2L four-cylinder engine, a 2.5L twin-scroll turbocharged engine, or a 2.2L six-cylinder engine. Even though their engines sound ordinary, the performance is exceptional, allowing your car to move quickly and smoothly all while preserving fuel efficiency.

2. Built-in Features

These days, SUVs are designed to be comfortable and practical. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using it for business or entertainment and all the features you’d expect on a car are built right into Mazda SUVs. For example, the Mazda CX-5 SUV includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a leather-wrapped shift knob, a parking brake, a sun visor, a navigation system, and a navigation system rearview camera.

As for infotainment systems, the ones you’ll get on Mazda CX-5 are a power moonroof, Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, a 7-inch touchscreen display, a 6-speaker audio system, and so much more.

3. Size and Space

An SUV should be as spacious as possible while also using space effectively for storage and the like. Fortunately for Danvers drivers, Mazda SUVs are incredibly spacious and comfortable. The CX-5, for instance, comes with a large interior that can seat up to 5 adults comfortably and a spacious trunk that can pack camping gear, school bags, a stroller, your groceries, or even your latest IKEA furniture pickup.

Furthermore, a Mazda SUV’s tall suspension allows for a higher ride height and a lower center of gravity. As a result, the car can tackle big obstacles with ease.

4. Safety

Drive with confidence knowing that Mazda SUVs are incredibly safe cars thanks to a superb array of safety features. For example, the CX-5 is equipped with airbags, a rearview camera, anti-skid brakes, stability traction control (STC), hill-start assist control (HAC), and a blind spot monitoring system. The CX-3 also comes with a blind spot monitoring system, a rear cross-traffic alert, and front parking sensors.

The CX-9 also has rear parking sensors, a blind spot monitoring system, and a rear cross-traffic alert. In a Mazda SUV, you’ll be safe from just about anything on the road.

5. Cost

Lastly, when paying for a car the price is a huge factor to consider for many car shoppers. The CX-5, for example, is a midsize SUV with a base price of $20,000 to $25,000. A fully loaded CX-5 can cost as much as $44,090. The CX-3 is also a popular model among Mazda SUVs with a base price of $22,900. A fully loaded CX-3 can cost as much as $29,475.

The CX-9 is the most luxurious and most expensive model among the two. It comes with a base price of $34,000. There’s also a hybrid version of the CX-9 for $40,995. All of the Mazda SUVs are incredibly competitive with their pricing, offering some of the best features of any car brand on the road for a lot less than the competition. You can certainly shop around, but we promise you won’t find better quality and features for a lower price in all of Massachusetts!

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The Mazda brand is famous for releasing high-quality cars, and the Mazda SUVs are no exception. These cars are exceptional because they provide everything you need in a vehicle, whether using it as a family car or a business vehicle, and a Mazda SUV is a worthy investment.

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